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Does Mark Zuckerberg have a greater interest in the Metaverse than you do?

 Does Mark Zuckerberg have a greater interest in the Metaverse than you do?



Mark Zuckerberg spoke via video at an event commemorating the return of in-person networking after a hiatus of more than a year to promote the benefits of meeting in the “metaverse,” a term he coined.

He told Daymond John of Shark Tank that “the metaverse” is the next chapter of the internet at the SXSW conference in Austin on Tuesday.

A high-resolution display and precise sensor technology will duplicate the sensation of meeting IRL and eventually replace mobile, just as the mobile web replaced desktop. As he remarked, “You will be able to feel as if you are right there with the other person.” “It’s a just amazing feeling,” he said.

When asked by John if the business formerly known as Facebook aspires to be one of many virtual-world builders, Zuckerberg responded there will be one metaverse.

“A metaverse isn’t a thing that a firm produces,” he declared. Previously, you wouldn’t have described Facebook as a company that was building the internet. Meta doesn’t seem to be creating a metaverse at the moment, do you?

A Facebook whistleblower said in a SXSW address on Monday that “Free Basics”—subsidized mobile connectivity confined to certain popular sites, including Facebook—was essentially used to build an internet in developing nations.

Zuckerberg emphasized the need of interoperability, saying that individuals should be able to use their own avatars and clothing across other companies’ virtual words and images. Zuckerberg.

Another tribute to diversity came from him. “When it comes to building new systems, “it’s incredibly crucial for individuals to see themselves in the systems,” he said. As far as the avatar system is concerned, we’ve taken special care to integrate things like wheelchairs and hearing aids.

According to Zuckerberg, mass-market-friendly augmented reality glasses will be more difficult to create than a universally appealing virtual reality headset. “It’s definitely a few years before the first augmented reality device that looks like glasses is ready for prime time, he added.

Instagram’s Meta platform will soon enable non-fungible tokens “over the next several months,” including the option for users to import and create their own tokens within the app.

What he didn’t say was as important as what he did say. When asked about the conflict in Ukraine, he said he had been thinking about individuals who had been impacted by the invasion, but he did not mention Russia as the country that started it.

He didn’t mention Russia’s recent measures to block Facebook and Instagram as Western digital giants have taken action to penalize Russia for its unjustified assault on its democratic neighbor.

Haugen’s more scathing comments were not brought up by John during Monday’s meeting. Even though Mark Zuckerberg has the ability to do so, he chooses not to. However, he inquired about Zuckerberg’s response to criticism of the company’s plans to create a virtual reality world.


“The future, in a way, belongs to those who believe in it the most, said the CEO. “”I just believe that we are more concerned.”